We should know by now that choosing the ‘right’ Instagram profile picture can make a difference on whether or not your profile gets clicked by people lurking on Instagram.

But from the thousands of Instagram profile pictures we see every day, only a few stand out for us to remember. 

Buffer recently published an article about the research and science behind the best profile picture. According to the article, psychology plays a part when we see a profile picture for the first time. Surprisingly, it only takes 40 milliseconds for us to make an impression and draw a conclusion about the profile picture. 

The decision on whether or not somebody will click on your profile happens during those 40 milliseconds. I suppose the phrase “the first impression is everything” applies in this scenario!

So, do you think you have all the right elements on your new Instagram profile picture?

Below are a few steps on how to change your Instagram profile picture, both on a PC or your Instagram App. 

How to Change Instagram Profile Picture on a PC:

1. Go to Instagram.com and log on to your account

2. Once you are logged on, you will land on the main feed of your Instagram profile. You need to click on the Instagram icon on the top left-hand side of your profile picture on the top right-hand side. See below:

Instagram profile picture

3. When you get to your profile page, look for the ‘Edit Profile’ button on the top of your page. Click on it.

4. Once you get to the ‘Edit Profile’ page, click on the ‘Change Profile Photo’ link, located on top of the page, just below your username. 

5. After you click, you will see a pop-up window where it asks you to upload a new photo or remove your current photo. 

6. And voila – your new Instagram profile picture is up and running!

How to Change Instagram Profile Picture on the IG App:

1. Go to your Instagram app and make sure you are logged on. 

2. Go to your main profile page, and look for the ‘Edit’ button, located just under your Instagram bio.

3. Once you are on the ‘Edit’ page on the Instagram app, look for the ‘Change Profile Photo’ link, located just below your current profile picture. 

4. After you click this link, you will receive a bunch of options on how to change your Instagram profile picture:

how to change instagram profile picture on the app

– Upload a new photo

– Delete your current photo

– Use your Facebook profile picture as your current Instagram profile picture

– Take a new Instagram profile photo directly from your phone

– Choose a new Instagram profile picture from your library

Choose from any of the options above!

5. And voila – your new Instagram profile picture is directly uploaded from the Instagram app!