Can Paris become the safest city on earth?

Paris is the home of the Mona Lisa, Sacre Coeur, Louis Vuitton. This city has nearly two million inhabitants and is France’s biggest and capital city. The town is packed with historical and medieval elements, with a varied assortment of museums and galleries and has been ranked as the country’s best university to study and fashion is the predominant study field.

But a common question for first time travelers: is Paris safe to visit?

Paris is a big city which has a fair share of petty crime relating to tourism, but Paris is surprisingly peaceful. If you are visiting Paris, it is most important to know about staying safe in Paris, what to expect if you are a solo traveler in Paris, and the most common tourist scams.

is paris safe

Is Paris safe to visit in 2022?

Many have wondered and rightfully so after the previous terrorist attack in the 2010’s: is Paris safe? Google search statistics confirm dozens of travelers have pondered this question for years. That is understandable, as other countries in the European Union have received travel advisories after experiencing similar unfortunate scenarios.

But statistically speaking, Paris remains an extremely safe destination. With some precautions, travelers should be able to enjoy traveling through the capital without having to worry at all times.

paris safe

How safe is Paris? (Our take)

It seems that Paris has definite appeal. The capital of France has been renowned internationally for its beauty. Many travelers visit Paris for its museums, delicious food, beautiful architecture, and not to mention the Eiffel Tower.

But still, just like many big city in Western Europe, one must know a few tips on safety to ensure a hassle free trip. Many European cities are relatively safe, but you should still exercise increased caution just like any other countries that you are visiting.

So is Paris safe?

The answer is yes, this amazing city is safe relative to other10 major cities in the world.

Many European cities have their fair share of local crimes within their city limits, but not to the point where violent crimes and hate crimes run rampant. Paris is a large city where it will have safe neighborhoods and other neighborhoods to avoid. Overall, Paris is perfectly safe just as long you are using common sense and following our safety tips below.

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Is Paris safe to visit right now?

Many backpackers from Europe pass through Paris once in a while. 40 million tourists came into town in 2018 and this made Paris an important holiday destination across Europe. While terrorist attacks are common at various locations and garnering considerable publicity in France, it remains unlikely they will occur while in Paris. A new measure was also taken to reduce its effects. Unlike most large cities, there are also issues affecting women like groping on public transportation like the metros, or other main train stations in the city centre such as Gare du Nord.

gare du nord

Is Paris safe to travel alone?

One of the main questions solo travelers ask: is Paris safe?

And the short answer is yes, the French capital is safe.

Paris is one of the most popular solo travel destinations in the world and for good reason. The City of Light is renowned for its beauty, its culture, and its cuisine. However, solo travelers often wonder if Paris is safe for them to visit. The answer is a resounding yes! Paris is an incredibly safe city, and solo travelers should not hesitate to explore everything it has to offer. In fact, solo travelers often find that they feel safer in Paris than they do at home. There are a few simple precautions that all solo travelers should take, such as staying in well-lit areas and avoiding deserting your bags or valuables unattended because they might be considered a security threat and can be destroyed by security officials.

Let’s look at other potential risks:

NATURAL DISASTERS RISK : LOW Except for a few avalanche risks and floods, there are not any more serious natural hazards in Paris.

MUGGING RISK : LOW Paris is a very safe city when the serous crime acts are in question, so the mugging and kidnapping risk is low.

TERRORISM RISK : HIGH The high terrorist threat exists in the whole of Europe and in Paris too, since it is the most visited capital and a very attractive one to the terrorists. Be extra alert if you are in a Paris metro or any major train stations.

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Is Paris Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

If you plan to visit Paris as a solo traveler or a solo female backpacker, plan to take extra precautionary steps like you would any other city. Be mindful of your personal belongings and other valuables when in the train station, or other public transport like the local buses, or crossing streets in busy intersections. As long as you are aware of your surroundings in the major tourist sites and following the safety tips below, you should be safe in every major city you travel to, not just in Paris.

Is Paris safe to travel for families?

Yes, Paris has plenty of safety options for the family. Parents are often distracted when they have children to watch, which is an easy target by pick pocketers. Be mindful that Paris is an enormous city where your children can easily get lost if not monitored at all times.

Is Paris LGBTQ+ Friendly?

Yeah! Paris has a gay-centric population which includes many gay bars and restaurants scattered across Paris. They host a popular Paris Pride parade or march for LGBTs in June to celebrate Pride Month. If you are part of the LGBT community and visiting Paris, you should be perfectly fine!

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What are the current requirements for visiting Paris?

Today, travelers can enjoy traveling to Paris without any COVID travel restrictions. However, we still advise to regularly check updates from the official France tourism website.

Entry requirements vary by country but due to changes in standards it is best for one country to meet requirements. The itinerary changes periodically and it is advisable to consult the embassy or government website if you need travel information. Fully vaccinated travelers will no issue traveling to France. Currently, visitors no longer have to take COVID test prior to their flight nor show their proof of vaccination.

Is Paris Metro safe?

Vast majority of French people take public transport.

The metro in France can be very secure and the threat of physical violence is rare. The presence of police has increased significantly since the recent terrorist attacks and a huge population is ridden into metro stations to get around. But petty crimes like pick pocketing or snatches of phones/bags are generally common, which occurs mostly during rush hour.

is paris safe

How can I avoid pickpockets in Paris?

To keep your money safe and avoid petty theft, one must be alert at all times.

Unfortunately Pick pocketing is a popular crime in Paris, which is common in any European city. This type of petty theft particularly occurs among the huge crowds around major landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately there’s lots of work that can prevent pick pockets from taking targets. First, store everything into an open bag. Keep a closed-toed purse and no magnetic backpack in your luggage. It is very easy to break into and can easily targeted by pick pocketers.

Is Paris safe at night?

In the same fashion in Europe crime rates rise throughout the night. In most of the cases crime occurs in public transportation (the metro of Paris closes midnight), by taxi or in a residential neighborhood mainly. It can still be avoided with knowledge about what your destination is and how it’s going. If you want to visit some bars or clubs after dark, try to find the nearest place. Generally, it is helpful for people to walk fewer distances, but especially if they drink a lot. The shorter a distance you can go before darkness the greater chance you have that you will be the victim of these crimes.

is paris safe

Is it safe to drive in Paris?

Although it is safe for drivers in Paris, it is not advisable to drive in Paris as a first time traveler. There can be a huge crowds in the streets and the traffic can turn into nightmares. In addition, parking can be difficult to find and often requires payment or residential stickers. If you think renting a car allows you to park near the Eiffel Tower and hop out to the hotel, take some pictures, then go… you should reconsider! Although driving around Paris is very easy, it’s not enjoyable enough especially when you encounter side streets that are pedestrian only. Instead, we advise to use public transportation like the metro to get around Paris.

What parts of Paris are dangerous?

A large majority of Paris is completely safe, however some neighborhoods are somewhat sketchier than others. We don’t want to make these entire places seem “dangerous”, but those neighborhoods don’t have a lot of tourist attractions and there’s no real reason for visiting/staying here.

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Safest places in Paris

Just like any European city, Paris has some safe neighborhoods and some to avoid. Below are some of the safest neighborhoods when you visit Paris.

saint germain de pres

Saint Germain Des Prés – You won’t see any violent crimes here. Saint Germain Des Prés is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Paris.

Latin Quarter – a popular destination when visiting Paris. This neighborhood is walking distance to many of Paris’ major attractions.

Le Marais – This neighborhood is perfectly safe and can walk around without feeling that you have to keep your belongings close. Most locals in Le Marais can be found either shopping or hanging out in a café.

Tourist Scams in Paris

Charity petition

The most frequent scams in French are the Charity petition scams. Several groups of girls approached you with a clipboard asking to sign a petition. People will ask you to donate to the charity of your choice. But it’s not charity either. They are distributed to criminal groups bringing girls to Paris and collecting money in exchange. This is an article by France 24 on all criminal charges in France. And sometimes, these ladies will try to steal your signature and steal your identity. This scammer can be found everywhere in this touristy part of a French city.

String bracelet scam

Maybe you were approached by some guy who grabbed your wrists and tied your wrist to a chain of “friends” bracelets—then they demand 5- 10 Euros. It’ll be awkward because your connections are literally filled with scammers. This is quite common in the Sacré Cour but they can be found elsewhere in France also. I’d rather avoid it and go on.

ATM Rush

You are constantly at the mercy of ATMs. A common scam technique involves groups of people waiting to give you the ATM code. You should always go to the ATM indoors where possible, and you could also go to a ATM with someone watching over you.

Map Distraction

When someone throws a map at you, they’ll likely attempt pick pocketing you.

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Essential safety tips for traveling to Paris

It could be your first trip to Paris. Do not travel in public at night. Generally, crime at night tends to get more severe and petty thefts are common. Similarly taxi services. Try to visit populated parts particularly at night if traveling. Although it increases the chances of falling for pickpocketers, it actually lowers the likelihood of committing a serious crime by carrying the bag in the back.

Paris is considered as a quite safe city. You can wander in almost every district with a very low risk of mugging. However, some areas are safer than others. The center and  most touristy area of Paris (Le Marais, the Latin quarter, the Louvre area….) is very safe, as it’s a vibrant area either at day or night.

However, it’s still seen by some visitors as a more dangerous place than the likes of Barcelona or London. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of underground crime such as drugs and trafficking. There are thousands of migrant workers living on the streets. In our opinion, Paris is a very safe city because of just how many tourists visit here. It’s just like Rome and London , tourists make up a lot of the GDP, so they aren’t typically targeted. If we had to criticize Paris’s tourism, we would say the rat infestation is the biggest problem.

Safety is an absolute priority, but please know that Paris in particular is an incredibly diverse, cosmopolitan city, and again, as long as you follow some essential safety tips and guidelines (most especially in tourist areas) you have nothing to fear.