Post summary: This article will break down several locations where you can go shopping in Paris. Ready, set, go!

Understanding the Luxury Shopping Area in Paris

where to go shopping in paris
Where to go shopping in Paris?

Shopping in Paris is undoubtedly on the list of things to do while in Paris, whether it’s your first time or a frequent visitor in the city of lights. 

Discovering the best shops in Paris is a unique experience in and of itself. Many boutique shops are nestled in some of the best neighborhoods in Paris, between quaint Parisian cafés, or inside some of the opulent, luxury hotels in Paris

Many of the luxury shopping areas in Paris are in the glamorous district of the 11th, 8th, and 16th arrondissements. Below is a list of luxury shops in Paris in different categories, including some of the best street shopping in town. 

Luxury Shopping in Paris: The Golden Triangle

shopping in paris golden triangle
Shopping in Paris at Avenue Montaigne

The glamorous Triangle d’Or (the Golden Triangle) has some of the most beautiful haute couture shops in the world. The Triangle d’Or is the Paris fashion district where Avenue Montaigne, Ave George V, and Avenue des Champs-Élysées offer luxury brand retailers such as Valentino, Lacroix, Dior, Chanel, among others. 

Below are the different boutique shops to visit at Triangle d’Or when luxury shopping in Paris:

1. Avenue Montaigne – This famous shopping street in Paris is at the very heart of the Triangle d’Or, Golden Triangle. It is home to quite a few luxury international Haute Couture boutiques. 

Highlights on some of the shops that line up the streets in Avenue Montaigne:

Dior – As anywhere you go shopping in Paris, you will be greeted with “Bonjour Madame/Monsieur” upon entering this boutique shop. The store is beautifully decorated, like an elegant apartment with the latest trending merchandise in stock. 

Chanel – There are three Chanel boutique Shops in Paris: Rue Cambon, Galleries Lafayette, and the ready-to-wear specialized Avenue Montaigne shop. If accessories are on your list of things to buy while shopping in Paris, then the Chanel Avenue Montaigne is your store.

Other notable shops on Avenue Montaigne: Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Céline, Hermès, and Prada. 

2. Avenue Georges V – This is the second of the famous shopping street in Paris, along with Avenue Montaigne and Boulevard Saint-Honoreé. Some of the flagship luxury boutique shops you’ll find at Avenue Georges V are below:

Hermes – Do you have a Birkin on your list of things to buy in Paris? Many come to the Hermes location on Avenue Georges V to avoid the crowd at the flagship store on Boulevard Saint-Honoré. 

Bvlgari – A genuinely exceptional Bulgari store: the building and location itself, the spacious, light interior, and the vast array of Bulgari items. To top it off, the staff is welcoming, incredibly service-minded, and polite – an exceptional experience while shopping in Paris. 

Other notable shops on Georges V: Kenzo, Santonie Paris, Stefano Ricci France, Elie Saab.

3. Avenue des Champs-Élysées –  The iconic Avenue des Champs-Élysées is arguably the most famous shopping street in Paris. It is the grand avenue full of luxury shops in between open-terrace cafés and the backdrop of the historic Arc de Triomphe. Some of the boutique luxury shops in Paris are on Avenue des Champs-Élysées:

Louis Vuitton – If you are looking to go shopping in Paris at the flagship Louis Vuitton, the Avenue des Champs-Élysées is your location. It is a stunning store that is also famous for a Sex and the City scene.

Cartier – The luxury brand Cartier is a staple of elegant Parisian life with its gorgeous jewelry. Arguably one of the best shops in Paris in terms of location and historic, chic, and vibrant Champs-Elysées.

The Best Shopping in Paris for Men: Luxury Department Stores

Shopping in Paris for Men at Galeries Lafayette
Shopping in Paris for Men at Galeries Lafayette

When it comes to Paris and fashion, don’t think it’s just for the ladies. Shopping in Paris for men has fantastic concept stores, boutiques, and department stores that cater to the style-conscious, modern man. Below are some of my favorite stops for shopping in the fashion capital of the world.

PHM Saint Pères – Pierre Henri Mattout founded PHM Saint Pėres in 2014. This boutique men’s shop is one of the best places to shop in Paris for a mixture of designer brands and exclusive sneaker collections. PHM Saint Pères has a robust online presence and a stylish flagship store in the heart of the luxury neighborhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The Japanese influence is evident in the choice of designers, which reflects the high performance and street-wear merchandise at the store. You can pick up other items at the store, such as art books and grooming products, and a collection of button-down shirts designed by Pierre Henri Mattout himself. 

BHV Homme BHV Homme is one of the best places to shop in Paris for men in all of Paris. This fashionable menswear has its building with four floors full of merchandise ranging from street-wear to the most dapper looking suits on the market. BHV Homme is also the only one of Paris’ four major department stores open daily. It is directly across the Hôtel de Ville metro stop and is within a five-minute walk from the Centre Pompidou and other historic sites of the city. 

Galeries Lafayette – Many would agree that Galeries Lafayette is France’s most famous and popular department store chain, given the one million daily shoppers. The iconic department store is one of the best shopping in Paris for men because of the number of items you won’t find anywhere else. To better provide a better shopping experience for men, Galerie Lafayette launched its dedicated men’s store, Galeries Lafayette Homme, on Boulevard Haussmann. Over 12,000 square meters and four floors are offering men’s clothing, accessories, and grooming products. There are 126 fashion brands to choose from – 80 of which are exclusive to the Galeries Lafayette Homme.

Places to Shop in Paris for Designer Brands: Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honoré

luxury care in Rue du Faubourg saint-honoré shopping in paris
A luxury car lining up on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

The Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré stands out as one of the most iconic places for luxury shopping in Paris. It’s a charming street where you can find the President of the French Republic’s official residence. Rue du Faubourg is also a scene where you can find foreign embassies, stunning mansions, luxury designer shops, and art galleries. You will find some of the most illustrious Haute Couture flagships, leather goods, and jewelry brands. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré offers some of the best luxury street shopping in Paris.

Below are some of the designer boutique shops on this famous street.

Lanvin – The Lanvin flagship store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré has all the collection that you didn’t think you needed. It’s a charming boutique store where space is more significant than it looks on entry. The decor is subdued, and the store is probably not worth a visit if you’re a tourist uninterested in the brand. The service is excellent with much helpful staff. 

Moschino – If fun and funky clothing are in your list of things to buy while shopping in Paris, then look no further than Moschino store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. This whimsical boutique shop has haute couture gowns around the €2500 – €5000 plus price tag. This particular store has a few items you won’t see anywhere else, such as Spongebob motif, the Moschino take on McDonald’s, Cheetos, and actual ball gowns in the fashion of a Hershey’s wrapper.

Other notable designer brands on Rue Du Faubourg Saint-Honoré: Givenchy, Hermés, Prada, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Moncler, Chanel, Tod’s, Bally, Louboutin.

And if you have the Euro to afford these wares, you’d strut proudly into the event you chose to wear these gowns, very tongue in cheek!

Shopping in Paris for Vintage Collection: Go to Le Marais

Shopping in Paris in the Marais
Boutique and Designer shops in the Marais District

There is more to the Marais than cute Parisian cafés, trendy bars and restaurants, and photogenic winding, narrow streets. The Marais also has some of the best shops in Paris. Let’s take a look below. 

Best Boutique Shopping in Paris:

Les Vignoles – This Marais boutique shop is some of the best shopping in Paris, with its concept stores blending Parisian and French identity. The owners Yann and Yannick bring together a collection from designers, stylists, and contemporary artists in Paris. Some of the vintage items that you’ll find at Les Vignoles are Parisian chic. There aren’t many recommendations in any Paris shopping guide where you can find ideas like bracelets made of macarons, and other offbeat and vintage accessories and clothes. 

Vintage Bar – This shop is in an area where you can find affordable shopping in Paris. But once you enter, you may be in for a surprise that the clothes have a three-digit price tag. Vintage bar offers a unique experience shopping in Paris because it’s a store that’s been converted from a bar into a vintage shop. Instead of having drinks on the menu, Vintage Bar is serving vintage jewelry, fur coats, and perhaps vintage collection from Louboutin, Kenzo, or Dior. The ground floor has accessories and vintage clothing, while you can find a boudoir with baroque armchairs down in the basement.

Ofr – This boutique shop in Paris is an independent publishing house that creates pieces in collaboration with a wide range of Parisian artists. Oft is a unique experience shopping in Paris for fans of contemporary arts and fashion magazines. Suppose you are thinking of things to shop in Paris as a tourist that is out of the box, Ofr. Bookshop offers fanzines, boutique publications, arty postcards, and fashion accessories. 

Best Places in Paris to Shop for Chocolate: 2 Chocolate Havens of Paris

The best shopping in Paris for chocolates
The best shopping in Paris for Chocolates

If you ask what to buy in Paris during your stay, chocolates will be one of the top answers. France (along with Belgium and Switzerland) has bragging rights when it comes to making the best chocolates in the world, which is why people travel to go shopping in Paris for chocolates. 

Chocolate Debauve and Gallais – What is Paris known for besides the Eiffel Tower and Louvre? Why chocolate, of course! We had to make sure that I brought home the most delightful souvenirs that we could think of – and it was chocolates on top of the things buy while shopping in Paris. For any newbie to Paris chocolate shops, you would be in awe upon first entering the shop. Chocolate Debauve and Gallais give you jewelry stores, high-end boutique vibes. All of the chocolate goodies were beautifully displayed and exquisitely arranged. The service was excellent despite the language barrier. They have very patient sales associate if you have a hard time deciding which chocolate to order or buy. The chocolates are so divine that you risk eating all before heading back home. There is no doubt that Chocolate Debauve and Gallais are some of the best shops in Paris, so be sure to purchase more on your next visit! 

Angelina – The legendary Angelina Paris should be on your list of stops when shopping in Paris for chocolate. Angelina is a treat to visit and dine in. If you have a four-person group, you may have to wait 30-45 minutes to get in, but the time is worth the wait. This spot is trendy – it is well known for its desserts and warm beverages, such as hot chocolate, hot chocolate, and tea. But their extensive food menu was fantastic! Every dish was delicious from G’s burger, their salad, their chicken risotto, and breakfast croissant – the wait was worth it for sure. A pro tip: visit during off-peak times, traditional meal time slots are when the restaurants are crowded the most! Also, the larger your group, the longer the wait.

Where to Shop in Paris for Tech and Gadgets: Champs-Élysees and Les Halles

Gadget and Tech Shopping in Paris fnac
Gadget and Tech Shopping in Paris

When we go to Paris, we usually think of luxury retail shops, designer brands, and 5-star Michelin restaurants. So shopping in Paris for tech and gadgets may not be the first thing in your mind. 

But if you need your gadget fix, Paris has a few shops for you!

Fnac – The Fnac on Champs-Élysées is a reasonably large department store where you can find books, DVDs, electronics, even maps. The Champs-Élysées was the only location in Paris that had Luther and Sherlock’s seasons if that’s a side item on your list of things to buy while shopping in Paris!

I suggest going to the Fnac location at Les Halles if you are looking to avoid crowds, especially tourists during peak seasons. However, the Fnac location at Champs-Élysées stays open late and has plenty of employees who speak perfect English. 

Souvenir Shopping in Paris: Montmartre 

Souvenir shopping in Paris at Passages des Panoramas
Souvenir shopping in Paris at Passages des Panoramas

For many first time tourists, they usually ask what to buy in Paris. Besides chocolates, people would generally recommend buying souvenirs in Paris. 

Below are some souvenir shops you can find in Paris.

Passage des Panoramas – These “passages” are the original shopping malls of the 1700-1800s, where people go shopping in Paris. The shop has a glass cover, which is a great way to get out of the weather and browse super interesting shops. Passage des Panoramas boasts that it’s the first passage to be lit by gas, so good for them! Inside, you’ll find stamp and coin dealers, tiny galleries, and old book dealers. Fun fact – most of these passages used to have a special “salon de decrottage” for scraping all the shit off your shoes from the Paris streets. FUN!

St. Pierre de Montmartre – If you’re searching for classic souvenirs like keychains, posters, postcards, and touristy shot glasses, St. Pierre de Montmartre is where your store. It’s a souvenir shop in Paris that responds to your question on what to shop in Paris as a tourist. I have a few friends who collect shot glasses from different destinations worldwide, and I love this idea! St. Pierre de Montmartre also sells magnets, t-shirts, tote bags, drawings, kitchen supplies, snow globes, and figurines, all featuring Paris motifs. The souvenir shop takes its name from the Saint-Pierre church and is located just next door to the Place du Tertre, known for its bistros and the artists that set up camp there.